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General Contact - အမွတ္ ၂၅၄၊ ပထပ္၊ လမ္း ၄၀၊ ေက်ာက္တံတား၊ ရန္ကုန္။
Phone/Fax :  (510) 854-6501

Since April, 2003, MoeMaKa is founded and established as Burmese News Group - covering Burmese community towards democratic civil society. We have therefore the followings purposes – 

   1. To present entertainment, educational and informative news and features relating to building democratic civil society in Burma through multimedia such as internet radio station, on-line publications, and audio and video products.

   2. To represent and exchange experiences and ideas within the Burmese community and between the Burmese community and other communities.

   3. To establish a community center for people interested in learning and promoting Burmese history, literature and culture and also at the same time to meet and discuss educational, health and social issues affecting Burmese people living in Burma and the USA.

We are [ 501 (c) 3 ] registered non-profit organization with the Tax ID (26-1387654).